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ThatFanficGuy  ·  2221 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Stephen Fry's Blog post on Social Media.

    So he's advocating that we ditch anything involving online communication, just to rebel? Because... it's awesome?

He's advocating we ditch the so-called Internet presence because the alternative is by far more heartfelt and emotionally-satisfying. He argues that there is much more joy in talking to people face to face than there is in talking to the fictional names online (like we're doing at this very moment).

While I agree with those two ideas, I, too, find it a lot like rambling of an old man. While he does talk of a part of the picture, as is often the case with essays like this, it feels like he's intentionally leaving out the great traits of the Internet - and I assume intention because a person as clever as Stephen Fry simply can not skim over it mindlessly and leave with a single, solid and unbased opinion. It's not impossible to survive without the Internet, and there are a lot of things one might interest themselves in offline, it provides great opportunities on its own, like instant communication or shared knowledge (alike encyclopedias). Judging by the blog post, though, it is as if those things don't exist; as if the Internet is all about social networking and ads (which are now easily blockable, as he, a tech-savvy person a long way, should very well know). Feels hypocritical, coming from a person letting his thoughts out onto his own website's blog, for people all over the world to read regardless of race, age, gender or social status.

I'm not defending the Internet, nor am I judging it. It's a great tool, but that's all it is: a tool. A knife can be used to chop carrots or to kill people, and we don't protest pleeding to ban knives. I'm sure there are some fucked-up things people do with knives, but it doesn't make the knives any less useful as far as their intended purpose - interconnection of the world, making sharing information a lot easier - is concerned. You can post selfies online or you can dig up Wikipedia articles to learn about things. You can shitpost in Twitter or you can discuss what's clearly a thoughtful article of a single person a huge physical distance away from either of the discussants. You can choose what to do, and that's both the beauty and the beast of it.