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rthomas6  ·  1254 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Hello.

Weight lifting. Right now I'm doing a program called 5/3/1 boring but big. I've been lifting for about a year and am a whole lot stronger now, which is really confidence boosting. I look somewhat different too. But I've never really been lean, you know? I want to see what I look like if I diet down to having abs. I realized at some point that all the muscular looking people you see are first and foremost lean, with some amount of muscle. If you're not lean, you don't really stand out as strong looking unless you're REALLY strong, which I am not yet.

But cutting while lifting weights sucks. Everything is harder, and you stop gaining strength. I think it's even affecting my moods and giving me random aches and pains, which I guess makes sense because not eating enough screws with your hormone production.