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o11c  ·  2474 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Why Women Smile At The Men Who Sexually Harass Them

    Do note that the author isn't talking about ... physical attacks here

Many of her examples are physical, or are threats of physical attacks. In these cases, a physical reaction is perfectly justified.

    She focuses on men who talk to her for ...

That doesn't seem to be the focus of the article to me. Talking may be mere rudeness or actual harassment.

Harassment is usually defined as something like "continuing after being told not to". If you smile and nod, then no harassment is actually taking place. If you make a clear disinterest, then the offender is forced to either quit forever or cross the line into harassment, at which point you have more options.

    The concept of "male entitlement" does not include "all men."

You might not denote it as such, but it definitely connotes it, and is quite harmful if you want to work for a solution. (Names and symbols do matter, no matter what we try to tell ourselves about roses).

It's like that article that was posted on Reddit (and likely elsewhere) with the title something like "Lesbian tourists arrested in Dubai". It's technically true, but gives a completely wrong impression - they were arrested for drugs, and trying to use their sexuality to cloud the issue.

I don't have any disagreement with your statistics FWIW.