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Isherwood  ·  2557 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Heliosphere


The question is, how could the soil of opportunity be so fertile that such massive weeds would grow? I guess it's because, like any good garden, there was a solid foundation of bullshit mixed in.

After the War of Ideas the then called "Terran Council" needed a moonshot idea that would cement the new found unity of the survivors. Not being very creative, they decided their moonshot would be to go back to the moon. The establishment of the also uncreatively named moon base "Unity" served as a testament to what a cooperative human race could accomplish.

It also served as a harbor to the universe. The moon was far enough out of the earth's gravity well that launching large ship expeditions to mine asteroids was relatively inexpensive. What we learned about robotics during the War of Ideas also helped to make it safe and autonomous enough that no one really had any qualms with us going up there.

So for 100 years the earth got cheap materials and the pride of knowing war, once again, failed to break us. What leave me scratching my head is why the now overzealously named "Galactic Council" would start selling off lots to private individuals. I've read the lines about the "democracy of capital" and "the Great Investment", and maybe I'm just a cynic, but good will has never been the only reason that the powerful decide to share their power.

But it was those permits, the lotting off of the Voyager Program, that planted the seeds of what would grow over the next 20 years. Who knows, maybe the GC really did think that everything that sprung up would be roses.