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fr33lunch  ·  3911 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The TED Talk TED didn't want you to see [video]
This gets me thinking about a conversation I overheard the other day. A woman was talking to another about her failed start-up business. She talked about the trials and tribulations that any new owner might face. She then explained that "the economy" had caused her start-up company to fail. "No one is buying these days", she said. And I thought, fact or excuse? It depends...

I sell things--lot's of things--on a daily basis. People are buying these days. They just weren't interested in buying things she was interested in selling. Giving people disposable income wouldn't have made her customer base larger. At least not for long. Her product was too niche and her customer base didn't exist. Assuming she was not independently wealthy, she would covered start-up costs through investors or loans. Without that sector, she wouldn't have had the opportunity to start a failed company.