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mknod  ·  1671 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Failure: What Can Be Learned?

Lil are you taking improv classes now?! My heart can't take it!

Let me tell you about mistakes and what I've learned from improv.

I was in a two person scene where we I was getting argumentative and really angry. This was great cause it caused me to stop thinking so hard. My partner said something like "Why are you getting so upset" and I replied with "My heart is elongated"

What I meant to express was the stress on my heart. What I meant to do though it didn't matter. Because my partner picked up on it. We then started applying geometry to other body parts "oval arms" "rectangular jugular" "a leg, orthogonal to its knee" and other ridiculous things. The audience ate it up. We had a great time.

My point is this, mistakes can be the greatest treasure if you let them. They can help you in life decide where to go and decide what to do. You have to give mistakes the room to give you the path you need.

A mistake is simply a life guide who you didn't expect.

What can be learned? Indeed.