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CraigEllsworth  ·  1589 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Untitled Novel Series - Exposition

    This actually helped me put some stuff in order.

That was a big reason for my questions :p

There's definitely a lot here to take in, and your god system looks pretty complex! I think now that I've got a semi-decent handle on the metaphysical parts of your world, I'm interested in the human stories.

You said you've got a few short stories already written on some characters. Would you consider posting them? Have you had others read them before? What were their thoughts?

I tend to find that one of the issues with lore dumps like this is that while we get a feel for your world in an academic sense (history, cultures, etc.), we don't necessarily get the tone of the world, or as much emotional attachment as we would if we get a character to latch on to, that we can empathize with and follow. Have you got a short story that focuses on a likeable protagonist, but also provides a particularly intriguing look into your world? Perhaps Zakier's story, or perhaps another?

Perhaps you might consider your stories as "pilot episodes" to see what garners the most interest from readers, and you might take one story and expand on it, or at least focus your attention in some regard. For instance, if you post stories about each race, and, say, the Gheldura happened to get the most positive response, you might consider working your novel outline to focus on the Gheldura.