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mk  ·  4345 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Starving Public Schools
    Personally I think how we teach kids money or no money is a shitty soul crushing factory for dysfunction and unhappiness. Or at least I don't feel like I got much out of my 13 or so years of public schooling when I compare it to what I learned from reading books or asking people questions. I think school did help me become anti-authoritarian, for which I might owe it some kind of debt. Band and art classes were fun, but I doubt that we would have those if we severed communities ability to go the extra mile.

True enough, and teaching has only become more codified, not less, over the last decade. Teachers need the respect and trust that it takes to sit back, and let them do their job.

Just posted an article to that point:


Actually, I think that might be a trend across this whole country. No one seems to trust employees to do what they were hired for without some sort of prodding and patronizing.