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elise  ·  1792 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: We’ve adapted our reading habits to fit our screens, but at a cost.

Despite the attempt to distract readers with its moving images, I read the whole article.

I love the feel of a book it my hands. There really is a feeling of accomplishment as you pass the halfway mark and the book suddenly feels lighter in your hands.

Evolution of eyesight might not catch up quickly enough for all of us, so thank you technology. I'm hopeful that there will be innovations that allow readers of web-based text to read in a similar fashion to paper.

I've moved enough times that I am over lugging books between living spaces, and many of my peers have gone digital as well. For many of my generation, there is no longer the need for the classist system of "displayed books = intelligence", and I applaud that sentiment. Less is more when it comes to our living; for our families, environment, and our culture. What's the need for a 5,000 square foot home when you are comfortable with 1000?

It is time to embrace the technology, adapt, and move on.