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deepflows  ·  2391 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The Hunt for the Death Valley Germans [Tom Mahood, otherhand.org]

Maybe it's just my empathy being on overdrive again but... imagining what these people and their kids must have gone through for their mistakes... calling them "dead idiots" doesn't sound right.

Yeah, maybe they are dead idiots. But as Germans, they would have little to no experience with the actual concept of "huge places with extremely hostile conditions which will kill you if you take a wrong turn in the wrong car." This kind of thing just doesn't exist here. Worst case, you can get lost in the woods for a few days - but you'd really have to search hard for a forrest big enough to get lost in. The author of the piece also noted that their behavior afterwards consisted of honest mistakes which even a more experienced and knowledgeable person might have made.

So... dead idiots? No, still don't like it.

P.S: No hard feelings, kleinbl00 - I usually greatly enjoy your posts.