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HedonicTreadmiller  ·  1481 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Let's Quit It with the Introvert/Extrovert Nonsense

Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading this article. I think your best point relating to the article is that other personality traits are better understood on a spectrum. When I took a fairly advanced personality psychology course a few years ago, we started the semester off covering the "big 5" personality traits ( They are:

-Openness to experience





Basically, the principal we were taught is that a persons personality can be generally summed up as a combination of where they land on the spectrum on each of these traits. My professor stressed that there was no "better" or "worse" place to land on each of the scales, however some combinations create a disposition for specific psychological disorders.

For example, most people would see conscientiousness as a very desirable trait in today's society. Someone high on the conscientiousness scale might be labeled as a perfectionist, very organized and attentive to detail (all good things, right?). Unfortunately, if they also landed low on Neuroticism, meaning their emotions were inconsistent/unstable, they would have a high predisposition to Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

This is where the introverted stereotype comes in of the weird, antisocial basement dweller who never gets out of the house. It is not just where a person falls on the extaversion spectrum, but how that trait works hand in hand with other traits. Generally, those recluse-type people are low on agreeableness as well.

To sum it up, personality traits are never black or white; individuals are complex and to label them otherwise would be foolish.