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insomniasexx  ·  2805 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: How likely is it that your job will be automated?

    Graphic Designers have a 8.2% chance of being automated.

    Information Security Analysts, Web Developers and Computer Network Architects have a 20.6% chance of being automated.

I don't know how web devs fit in with "computer network architects" exactly, but oh well.

I'm surprised graphic designers have such a low chance of being automated. I suppose in the current world, automating what I do would be nearly impossible. Most of what I do is hold the clients' hands, negotiate, provide insight, figure out how to solve problems (beautifully), etc. I should really start tracking my time more narrowly, but I would say that actual design/dev work is far less than 50% of my job. A machine can't build trust and get a client to truly feel like "this person gets me, understands my business and goals, and is on my side."

However, when a majority of the jobs are automated, how will the role of creatives in marketing / advertising have changed? If AI is making more and more business or purchasing decisions (or at least doing far more analyzing and projecting), the prettiness or user experience or usability of a website or app, the cleanliness of the logo, or the wittiness of an ad is going to play a far smaller role.

If a technology like Google Glass become the norm, will we have adblockers on real life? Even if there is no real life adblocker, we have already learned to tune out the 300+ advertisements we see on television, online, and plastered on the side of the road each and every day. It'll only be easier when messages and notifications and interesting insights about the world around you are being streamed straight to your eye socket and covering up the world we currently see.

Logos, branding, and restaurant signs will not be used as a sign of reputation and recognizability - your Google+ / Google Maps / Yelp reviews will speak more for you. Flyers, brochures, business cards will become useless when that information automatically pops up on your eyeball when you get close to a location, have shown general interest in the topic the flyer is advertising, or blink twice when meeting a new person. Even standalone websites will keep fading and be replaced by your "online presence." In fact, I sell more "online presence" packages than I sell "websites" today. No one needs a blog - they need a medium profile which auto posts to their twitter which autoposts to their facebook which which is linked to their yelp.

There will still need to be people to build and maintain the Google of the future, but even that will be automated somewhat. Google crowdsources or has the business fill in almost all of their stuff on maps currently. Their self-driving cars will take photos and scrap data automatically. They just have to keep the UI up to date, databases chugging along, and algorithms working. I don't know how much of that type of stuff can be automated, but it is probably far more than is currently.

It's an exciting time to live.