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mk  ·  2014 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: As Police Go Idle, So Do New York City Courts

    Few managers in the court system expect the current downturn to last. Many public defenders, however, said they hope the steep decline in minor arrests will become permanent. They noted felonies did not rise over the last three weeks as arrests for low-level crimes plummeted.

    “This proves to us is what we all knew as defenders: You can end broken-windows policing without ending public safety,” said Justine M. Luongo, the deputy attorney-in-charge of criminal practice for the Legal Aid Society.

I recall the pro argument was that policing these petty crimes often brought in many with outstanding warrants for greater ones. It makes logical sense, but crime has fallen all over, not just in NYC while they practiced these policies.

At any rate, I can only hope the lesson learned here is that much policing isn't necessary. First and foremost, they should provide for safety. Culture is not their job.