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This has been something talked about around the nix community for a bit. Linux is a kernel of code and distros are flavors built on it that constitute an OS. Major ones are Ubuntu, Red Hat, Arch, Mint. And each of those are variations, like Kubuntu and Fedora.

This here is a flavor based off a blend of Red Hat and CentOS made by the DPRK government itself.

It's... Actually not bad. Outdated, yes but it's still very functional. Outside the serious language barrier, it's fairly simple to navigate and set up. It has it's own browser that's an offshoot of Firefox. (Probably beyond your understanding, but this is for everyone reading) The terminal is... Okay. I would need to add repositories to it to be able to actually do anything useful. The only things I see in there currently are anaconda related, but it does use YUM, so it's nice and smooth for me.