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ecib  ·  2352 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Ryan Cooper: Free Money for Everyone

    I don't see it being a strong possibility, given that their main strategy is to oppose and not to govern, but ideologically, I think that conservatives should be able to get behind this idea.

You identified the problem clearly. Where they may have some ideological affinity for something like this, they have zero strategic affinity. If something like this would actually be an effective shot in the arm to the economy, they will be opposed to it under a Democratic administration if the President supports it. Conservatives should have been able to get behind the Individual Mandate in the health care bill because it was their idea, proposed by the Heritage Foundation no less. It came from the belly of the Heritage Foundation and ended up with literally 100% opposition by Conservatives and Republicans under Obama's Presidency. Not only was the opposition 100%, but they actually howled and hoisted it up as one of the main proofs of Obama's Socialism. Their idea.