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user-inactivated  ·  2352 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The drug revolution that no one can stop

I haven't tried too many research chemicals. I think 2C-B is about the extent of it, and I don't really intend on trying more at this point in my life. But I think it is research that should continue in a legitimate clinical testing environment and should be embraced by the government (as it tentatively was before with LSD) for the sake of safety.

    “I have this hidden fantasy that some day, a drug will appear that will have a profound effect on humankind and it will make them stop causing wars and killing each other and gassing each other and destroying society. What if someone came up with a drug that was wildly popular, as popular as ecstasy, but had no side effects, and did not kill? It’s probably an impossible drug. But as a consequence of taking this drug, [people] suddenly realized that all humans are part of one organism, and that when you kill one person you are killing yourself, and that the earth is our lifeboat, and we are destroying it. What if a drug could produce an experience like that? I have fantasized that if it were possible to make a drug like that, I’d sure like to make it in my lab.”

I've fantasized along these lines. At the risk of sounding like a burned out hippie, I've had a hard time distinguishing what is a truer reality after some trips, specifically after DMT trips, which is not a research chemical. I'm no scientist, and I may be putting this far too simplified terms, but at the end of the day these drugs just modify the chemicals & amount of which in the brain. It opens a lot of questions into consciousness, which in modern times, opens more questions in where and if there will be a tie between the singularity and the states of consciousness created by using these drugs.

On one DMT trip, I felt everything within my vision was an extension of my body, and in the case of a nearby tree, I could feel water flowing through my xylem. My mind creating this feeling with no real sensory connection required me knowing what xylem are, and my understanding is very basic. If I had instantaneous access to all information, and the ability to modify my perception with a code commit for as long as I wanted, what would my existence become? I suppose this is the kind of thing theadvancedapes is working out.

Developing and testing these drugs is probably necessary if we want to truly understand the brain and its potential, and consciousness. I hope someone with more knowledge on the subject can correct me any of this.