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djw  ·  2814 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Shit Poets Say At Open Mics

I couldn't help but laugh at the over-introducing the poem part or at 2:20, but I think this person is going to the wrong readings (or at least ones very different from the ones I go to).

if I had to choose, I'd take poets steeped in pretension over most of these. if I were to make a list, it'd go more like:

• I went to another country once and that is the most important thing so I'm going to write all my poems about it

• I have sex and that is a nice thing about me. here is a poem about it that is too anatomically detailed

• either I am unaware of time passing or have complete disregard for everyone who must read after me, but regardless here's an epic-length poem

• I am drunk

• I'm convinced I'm a Beat poet because they're not all dead or from generations ago. also, this poem is edgy

• my poems don't make any kind of sense but the words sound good so let's be friends

• I won't look up from my paper at you, sorry

• I'm reading off my phone. haha, a joke about the future, right?

• all rise, the honorable The Poet residing. please bask in the glory of my verse and boost my ego accordingly

• here's my life story followed by a poem about a dog

I mean this all good-naturedly, I promise