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    How is one to be present while driving in rush hour traffic or while brushing your teeth?

My parents always called distracted driving as "being on autopilot." It's that occurrence when you are driving somewhere and not really aware that you are driving and all the sudden you are two freeways exits past where you were supposed to be. Or when you are driving to the store on the same route you drive home and end up at home, completely forgetting that you intended to go to the store. I have yet to solve this. Attempting to be more self-aware will help. Listening to NPR probably doesn't help.

    If you are like me, you probably have a constant narrative going in your mind.

Always. That's where my resolution comes in. Instead of powering through tasks and not really paying attention to them, I am aiming to be more focused and really give whatever I am doing the dedication it deserves. I want to take a moment and pause and think and actually attend to the task, rather than typing out a mess as fast as I can to move onto the next thing.

I think this is where this article connected a bunch of dots for me. I'm not focused on the tasks at hand because I'm always thinking about the next task or something a million miles away. I never considered that "living in the present" was what I was after in this resolution but it's all the same.