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theadvancedapes  ·  2780 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Future of the Internet!

    I watched this with some friends last night and they mentioned that they'd like to see a remix that uses really ominous music in the background because this topic and all that you mention could also seem extremely terrifying to many people. Not everyone is as enthusiastic about the ubiquity of internet connectedness.

If I have one goal at the moment, it is to try and infuse some positivity and optimism in our emerging global discourse re: the future of technology. I feel like our inclination for pessimism and negativity stems from A) being inundated with news that only tells us what is wrong with the world and B) perhaps being inclined to generate narratives that identify problems (with the functional result being that we end up solving them).

    I voted for Obama... twice.

I feel your pain. First, we need to get money out of politics. Second, we need to get rid of governments and replace them with decentralized citizen voting systems.