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To me, this debate on changing intuition is already underway. Without going into too much detail, how we read our own feelings is by interpreting our physiological arousal in our current environment. For example, rapid heart beats and flushing of skin can be interpreted as anxiety (if you are struggling on a tough task), fear (if you turn around and there is a 6-foot grizzly bear about to maul you), or embarrassment (if you just tripped in front of the girl you like).

We already change the physiological side of things through drugs (think ADHD or anxiety medication). This is obvious, but the trickier part is understanding how modern society is rapidly changing the interpretation part as well. The internet has begun this process and desensitized people, myself included, to scenarios which may seem frightening to earlier generations. With advancing technologies in virtual reality, this process can continue to shift the next generations heuristics and schemas. How much people should allow intuition and interpretation to be altered is certainly a topic worthy of discussion.