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Nostalgia can make for decent niche markets.

Thought adblock lists get downloaded once and periodically updated. It'd be silly for them to have requests going out to their servers repeatedly to check static lists that only get updated every once in a while anyways.

    However, if you provide the service for free, you don't have a sustainable business model.

I dunno. As much as I hate the freemium model for games, it doesn't seem as bad for the web, if you can keep costs low and have a fraction of 'premium' users mitigate the costs enough, it could be sustainable.

    Well its going to be an interesting few days on Reddit. But it'll be old news in a week or two and everyone on there will continue doing the same old thing.

Agreed. It's always fun to see a few doomsayers' comments at the top of threads followed by things going back to 'business as usual.' With this one people may try to drag it on - but even (?|?), which was highly unpopular at the time, blew over for the most part (leaving only the occasional 'I miss seeing votes' comment in its wake).

100% agreed. That's always seemed a far more sensible and stable result than the monolithic communities that most sites tend to end up with.

    though I hit the metaprogramming wall with the MUD

What metaprogramming wall?

    when I'm not trying to finish a novel nobody is going to read

Publish or promote it as kleinbl00, and keep everyone thirsty for your commentary - it'll get /r/bestof'd and/or stalked ;)

Take care man. Here's to better days.

> Does the author or anyone else who feels aggrieved know what 'fast track' is or why it's important in a treaty deal?

Yes. I specifically looked into when and why this could even be considered justifiable, and understand the positive implications it has for negotiating a good deal.

But that kind of closed-door secrecy only even begins to be acceptable when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it can't or won't be abused to try and rush things past the general public - which, considering the leaks that highlight the worrisome fact that special interest groups have seats at the table - I have no confidence in.

In some hypothetical world, closed-door negotions like this can, should, and would have to take place to make the deal work out as best for everyone. But right now, with the near-outright plutocracy we have in place, allowing this kind of behavioral precedent to be set is beyond dangerous.

It's been frustratingly hard finding useful discussion on this. This article had a couple of useful tidbits, thanks

Hire a programmer, try and hammer out various things.

zedadex  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What is "The Red Pill?"

Yeah. It's important to note that the things some people use reddit for (e.g. 'the red pill') are things that other people who use reddit are just as incredulous at - and that no groups on reddit are indicative of all the individuals who use it.

As I noted in response to caelum19, there are a couple of great communities on reddit as well - they tend to be the smaller and lesser-known ones. That said, I'm finding it comfortable here.