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I've got a Samsung Intensity 2, an OLD dumb-phone. Folks around me are telling me I need to upgrade to a smartphone. I know that if I did buy a smartphone, I'd be on it all the time looking up things on IMDB and Wikipedia. I'd be rude with it. I know how I sit around on my laptop all day; if I could do that when I left home, I probably would. I wouldn't be a good guy to my friends. I just have that obsessive personality.

Do we have any info--or comparison to aperture and length of exposure? These images are crazy bright-looking for how dim I expected it to be out there. I'm sure it's mostly coming from having a very good image sensor out there, but like all celestial objects, I'm mostly interested in what it would look like if I were the one floating out there 2.5 million miles away from Pluto.

Check out that Nook Simpletouch Glowlight. It's darn cheap and has that E-ink, non-backlight thing going for it. As for scale it's between a paperback and a trade paperback. But reading it is a pleasure.

It's like creamy lotion for the eyes. No, that'd probably burn. It's eye-candy.

My nook is a wonderful thing. I love being able to look up unfamiliar words by tapping and holding. Its the first thing I miss reading a print book.

What I've found surprisingly obnoxious now-a-days is holding the book open. That's actually kind of disappointing to me somehow because I LOVE the physical object and actually owning a thing. But I bought Anathem in print a few weeks ago in paperback. It's a 900 page monster and after 30 minutes of prying it open, I went online and (be it legal or not) pirated the E-book so I could read it on the nook.

I do wish publishers would get on board with that whole thing too. My idea? Buy the book at the bookstore for $15 OR go online and get it for $10 as an E-book. OR buy the book for $17 at the book store and get a code printed on the receipt to download an E-book version when you get home.

That's impressive--writing on paper. When I left high school, we were just leaving the world of hand-written stuff. I had enough experience hand writing stuff, but in college, when I REALLY started writing quality stuff, I appreciated how flexible typing was. I don't do rough drafts anymore because the text is constantly evolving--it's fluid--until I finally decide to hit "attach" and off it goes to the professor or on to a blog or something. I LOVE the act of writing on a computer. But, still for eye-fatigue's sake, I print it out to proofread it.

And boy do we need to make sure our children appreciate the same thing (minus the beer thing, till they're older). We just started reading James and the Giant Peach to our four-year-old. Teach that appreciation of text on a page and what it makes you feel.

The sad thing is, I don't think "the next generation" of readers is going to notice their different reading styles. They're going to think skimming is reading and I don't think (with smartphones and tablets) they're going to be ABLE to sit down and focus on a page of text. As an old fart, I think it's shortening attention spans.

As a Redditor coming here to Hubski, I've had to "slow my role" because reading as opposed to skimming is so much more important here. In the end, this is going to be a good thing for me--hanging out here.

I'm surprised the article didn't address backlit screens vs front lit or traditional print. Eye fatigue is a massive factor that effects our reading habits. In fact, I'd wager it's the ONLY factor messing with how we read on devices versus not.

I know personally I cannot CANNOT read for content from a back-lit glowing screen. I can skim, browse, read short news articles (that yes, I probably read non-linearly like the article says) but when my art history professors dropped a few ten page articles on us every week to read, I HAD to print them out and read them on paper. People looked at me funny when I showed up to class with my binder of printed out articles, but I darn well know I got more content out of them.

I own a Nook Simpletouch with Glowlight for my digital books. It's that E-ink display so it looks like regular soft-cover book/newsprint paper when you view it. When you turn on the glowlight, it's a front-light. Meaning the wee LEDs shine light on the front of the surface from the edges. Eye fatigue is non-existent compared to my mom's glowing Nook tablet thing. She can't read on it either and it's changed from a "take it on the boat to read while your dad fishes" machine into an AngryBirds and Facebook machine.

wildfire405  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Gaming's Best Ambient Tracks

Super Metroid all the way for me.

Main Titles Theme:


Space Pirate Chamber

wildfire405  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are you reading this week?

Just finished Anathem by Neal Stephenson and am now just starting The Martian so I can read it before the previews ruin more of it. It seems like it'll be a FAR better book than a movie.

First Bill Cosby, now this. What's wrong with our heroes and role models? Yikes.

I was in my tree house deciding whether or not I could see myself spending the rest of my life with this girl I had a crush on. It was first grade. Even back then as a child, I never felt like wasting time. I was always playing the long game.

I didn't realize I was old back then, but looking back, yeah, I was old to begin with. Truthfully though, I started realizing I was actually old when I didn't have time to learn to be good at video games anymore. Not only "be good at them," but I'm lucky if I can make it past tutorials anymore. They're just so darned complex now-a-days.

edit: Ahh, you said "moment." I'll get back to you.

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