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wow, is impressive how NOKIA went for gold to dus,t but come to think a bout, in my personal experience 4 years back, a would choose NOKIA over other company blindfolded, now every time I see NOKI,A and compare it to other brands, I realize is not worth it. Probably NOKIA survives selling their old remodel NOKIA phone, that is really cheap, my dad looses one almost every 4 months haha. I think if the NOKIA phones wants to get on the horse again it needs -Renew the internal software of the smartphones -loose a little the brick shape (I personally like it ) - expand its apps base - make it easy to hack and jailbreak. yes really people love to think of their phone has a work on progress and something they can personalize to their taste a personality.

The really, amazing think of this movement, is that I has (Mexican) had to read it hear to know about it.

so you say you're selling your World of Warcraft account, just led me call my WoW expert.

There's always something newer to buy and is always more expensive.

why is education so expensive in America, I have always hear people expending much money on superior education but never knew why. Is there no public universities where you could study for free ?

You can't blame video games for being a scape from reality in many kids life. many people play video games and are not addicted. I think the real problem with most kinds playing video games,, is that is a easy way to keep kids calm or sited while parents can take a break without realizing that they can be doing a harm to their kids by not balancing their kids life, or simply leaving them do whatever they want. In some special case people have such I boring life, that they like living and alter reality in the video game world, I don't think that is bad, it would only be bad, if people star loosing their sense of reality and feel more alive on the virtual world than on real life.

life if not about being special, or making a change to the world, at the end is just about what makes you happy.

Thanks, I will need it, I have done bodyweight before, but never by myself, so it will be a really challenge.

In the company page, they say that for reasons of security,they can't give out much information not much information only applications for it.

What's wrong with people, how can they be so stupid, I mean getting together to rape some one, by itself is a really bad thing, but why confess it all over the Internet, to presume people they are rapists or what ?

well I'am glad they did It make the police work easier to capture them, I guess.

Well is sounds that, the girl, and the mom, were calling for it. I mean how normal could it be to receive a call from the police, that people are going to your party, just to trash your house.

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