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Wow, okay. I guess you can install the app which works with , which has a list:

"Browse a list of popular websites for free with a SIM card from a qualifying carrier. Search for jobs, get health information and keep in touch with friends and family without data charges"

The screenshot gives Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Wikipedia. Also Accuweather, BabyCenter & Mama, BBC News, Facts for Life (a hygiene site), Facebook Messenger, SuperSport.

That's pretty interesting. I never had a good impression of Zuckerberg (the movie didn't help), but this is a pretty nice thing to do. One thing:

>This month, was taken to the Philippines, making it the latest location to enjoy free access to at least 24 websites Facebook offers as part of the scheme. The company hopes to launch it in 100 countries, with rollouts in India, Ghana, Colombia, Kenya, Tanzania and Indonesia already completed.

So they only have access to 24 sites? Is there some technical reason for this? What are the sites?

> Imagine we hooked up a balance sensor that overrides the ear, and provides true balance, rather than the fluid-based sensors inside of our ear that get screwed up when we spin around a bit.

Imagine the possibilities in profession athletics.