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No kidding.

The linked article goes quite a ways to explaining much of what I saw yesterday on . It was painfully apparent the user who posted the following question ( ) was a newbie to both Reddit and Haskell.

The result of the query was: two people tried to actively help the newbie (and, judging by the responses, the newbie seems to have understood this), one person was "helpful" (and the newbie responded in kind), there were several anonymous downvotes, and the single truly neutral question posed by the newbie “What are the ways the Haskell community have settled on to get better diagnostic messages out of the compiler?” went unanswered.

Based on the article linked from, it would be fair to say the Haskell community has lost a new recruit. Sad, just sad.

Here is SMBC's explanation of how this is legal:

A (bad) analogy would be to how in some East Slavic countries you tip your waitress before you get served.


So, now everyone in L.A. is guilty until proven innocent? Have fun proving a negative...

About damn time. Now how soon until Africa collectively wisens up?

The originally linked thread now spans to 36 sections: o_0