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foxy  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Males are falling behind in education

I think it's that females are glorified, told to go out there, do amazing at school, go out there and do whatever your heart desires, education is seen as the amazing thing... and then males are sidelined, told athleticism is the end all, be all of their existence, and good grades are even looked down upon. This is of course coming from the perspective of someone still in high school.

Airplanes is where you hear it the most out of older adults, but it's quite a trend on tumblr. Thankfully, most of that doesn't actually translate to real life.

I can't wait to see the stories! I assume that they're not as good as his other works, given the fact that they were never published, but I want to see them nonetheless.

Modern vinyl can be expensive, too! My dream album is Demon Days by Gorillaz, but I'll likely never get it- it's over 250 bucks, last I checked.

I would use Firefox more often, especially with the memory hog Chrome is growing to be, but for some reason I simply cannot get Flash to install on Waterfox, and I won't use another branch. So, Chrome it is.

Well dang. I still have a 7 key floating around, I just don't want to do a clean install.

What about Windows 8?

Well, as I said in the second part of my response, I don't view it as white people not helping black people as much as it is rich people not helping poor people. Skin color doesn't matter. I'm sure there are some racists out there saying 'I won't help that nigger, he's black!' but they aren't large enough in number to effect any social trends.

That seems interesting. I can't wait to check Edge out, though I'm not sure how I'm going to get Windows 10.

foxy  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: FEMALE GAMERS

Didn't this trope die out already?

Personally, I don't believe gays should get married. Or straight people! At least, the government should not marry them. For tax purposes, we have civil unions. Let them find a church to marry them after if they wish, or call themselves married if they don't want the church mixed up in this either.

Ideally, marriage was a union in which two people become one, equal in respect. Unfortunately, cultural aspects get in the way of that very often.