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I enjoy coral, the sky, mythology, and peace treaties.

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Who are your favorite performers?

Rad! I'll be busy over the weekend, so make sure to give a shutout about any rules to me.

Ditto about partners.

"But if it wasn't so intense, then it wouldn't feel satisfying." All of my favorite pieces are like that- just short of having pieces of the artists themselves. Typical.

Put up a video of your process sometime. I would love to see how you manage to get your watercolour like that. I'm guessing a lot of tape. I could be wrong.

I have nothing wrong with imageboards. From time to time, I browse 4chan and 2chan just because the cultures fascinate me. What bothers me about images on reddit is that they prefer to make it honest instead of having a story to it. Then when you check the comments, the wide range of them all seem to lack the weight of wit. And the jokes are predictable. Maybe this is what it feels to be growing up.

Yes! God, that still influences me to this day.

btw, I just watched both. Excellent. I have to leave now, so we shall talk about that later. It's nice to know that we share a common interest in UFOs and dark humour.

Good for you! It still feels weird to me, for the most part.

I love your color choices and your use of negative spaces.

When are you publishing it?

deiki  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Bastille - Icarus (Live Session)

This song never grabbed me with its lyrics or melody as much as Wrecking Ball.

I'll take you up on it.

deiki  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What is your guilty pleasure?

It's just so damn catchy.

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