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HotTower  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: London is changing

I wonder how the middle class will respond to the greater wealth disparity in London relative to the rest of the UK? Will there be a middle class flight to the rest of the nation that could not occur in the UAE? The whole of the UK is significantly more livable than the UAE, thanks to both climate and historical development that makes the whole nation relatively dense with towns and cities.

If there is a flight of the non-stupendously rich to suburbs and other cities, will employment centers respond? Or will those who need to work be forced to stay in an area where they have to compete with the super rich?

Yeah, I wasn't trying to say that women are responsible for being raped, more that the idea preventing rape only by teaching men not to rape is certainly not going to be the best way to solve the problem.

And I agree, I think a short course on establishing boundaries is what's needed to prevent these sort of preventable rapes from occurring, it simultaneously teaches people not to rape, and how to not get raped.

The idea that teaching women how to prevent being raped is "victim blaming" is silly. These classes aren't asking you to dress more conservatively or stay at home and not enjoy university social life, they are about how to effectively establish boundaries and maintain them against people who may not understand them, or in the worst case, against people who don't care about them.

This sort of education would probably be good for men too. Instead of just teaching "don't rape" teach how to communicate sexual and personal boundaries more effectively, and how to interact with other people who also have defined those boundaries as well.

I moved, mostly because I'm under the impression (hoping) that a lot of the angry people will end up staying on reddit. If the tone of hubski ends up being changed to that of the recently banned FPH people, I'll probably go back to reddit.

The only downside of reddit dying is that the sports subreddits won't be as great. They are pretty much the only reason I stayed there in the first place, hopefully other sports communities can replace them.