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First off, pizzagate is real apparently. He was very insistent on that. Barack Obama is not an American, Michelle Obama is transgendered, 9/11 was perpetrated by the Democrats to make Bush look bad (first time I ever heard that), gays are a conspiracy started by the Nazis in the 30s (I'm gay. He knew this), Hitler isn't dead, Nazi moonbase is real, Trudeau is the son of Castro, Stephen Harper actually was an android, etc.

Seriously. Imagine every weird damn thing you could possibly come up with. If he heard it before, he repeated it. If he had any inkling, he came up with his own theory. It was fucking terrifying to be surrounded by that day in and day out.

Unfortunately, yes. I'm in a homeless shelter in Toronto. There are a couple who believe them, but the guy who was my roommate (before I asked staff to move him out because he was fucking terrifying me) absolutely believed them. I can't even have a conversation with another person and mention Clinton without Pizzagate being screamed, or any other such nonsense. It's... stressful.