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Is it just me or does it seem like nobody really gathers phone numbers anymore? All you do is get someone's social media and then you talk to them on there. There is no need for a phone number or to listen to someone's voice through the phone when you have so many other options out there. Do you guys know a lot of people that really talk on the phone anymore?

ArtemusBlank  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: September 27, 2017

Bad Pubski. You're late!

From what I have observed throughout the years is that nobody really likes the white moderate liberal. It's either go to the far left or the far right but don't be in the middle.

White Conservatives think white moderate liberals are giving up too much to minorities.

Far Left White People think that white moderate liberals are not doing enough and that they should be doing more even though they maybe dealing with their own personal problems. It's like Revolution or Nothing.

Minorities that are involved in left politics don't trust white moderate liberals and just think they are just latching on to make themselves feel better or that they are not serious about the movement.

I however do see minorities I know that do post things on social media telling for white people not to give their point of view on minority issues. I see it all the time. They say that white people should just listen. Most of the minorities that I see post this are from the poetry slam circles I sometimes interact with and usually very young and in the process of a college education. Very far left people.

When I first saw this article on a friend's facebook wall, all I could think was, "Wow, these guys are just trying to increase the amount of vending machines."

It's pretty much a hipster attempt at a vending machine but it's adding nothing new really.

People really hate this idea so far:


If these bots could really talk, they would be spewing things like this:

ArtemusBlank  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How to make fun of nazis

The best I got when it comes to making fun of nazis is this:

I'm not sure we can completely do absolutely nothing about this. In the past, Neo-nazis used to have their own little corner or were completely hidden in the dark. Nowadays it's seems like the Internet has given them a bigger voice and better access to contact one another.

If a rally happened in Charlottesville twenty years ago, who would know about it? People in the local community and from the surroundings. But is a person from California or Alaska or Montana going to come out to this event? It may take those people a while to find out about where a rally of this nature to take place and they may be too late for it. But today, you can learn about such things in less than twenty minutes if you know where to go and you can definitely plan in advance when you hear about these things for the first time on Facebook or Twitter.

Also if nobody counter-protested at these rallies, wouldn't more nazis come out? If the protests were safe and there was no consequence wouldn't that enable more people to join up. I think the possibility of violence at some of these things deters some people from coming out. There are probably white nationalists out there that would want to come out and rally but can't because they're scared they would be outed to their job about their beliefs or injured or killed.

How can this be fixed though? Well that's a tough question to solve. I think this is more than just wanting a reaction anymore. It's a thing that's growing. The Westboro baptist church, remember them? Why aren't they a problem in today's America? Well they never really grew. They just mostly stuck to being Fred Phelps's family members even when they got internet attention. Everyone in America knows about them but no one is looking to join them. The Alt-Right/White Nationalists want to grow though, they want more and more members. They want the rich businessmen who want the old ways, the college kid who feels like he's falling behind, the poor factory worker who has nowhere to go, the gunmen who feel like the government is going to take away their guns at anymore, the suburban fratboy, the mother who is afraid her children will pick up bad things from minorities and so much more.

Looks like the leaks got him before he could get one.

What a bad hunter.

Wow this guy only lasted ten days in a Trump White House. He must have been that bad even for this administration.

So how many years before these two channels die out? Unless they decide to change things soon in a big way, this sounds like a dinosaur waiting for that asteroid to hit it and die.

Art Bell was entertaining and interesting. When you listened to Art, it seemed like you got a good source of entertainment like a decent tv show and it was nothing more than that. But once Art left, Coasy to Coast really changed to a more conspiracy based show and this helped open up and expose people like Alex Jones to a wider audience. Art had built the audience up but once he left that audience didn't disappear over night. So with that exposure, people like Alex Jones could grab a part of that audience and hang on for a while before greater times for conspiracy and that is happening right now with Trump in office as conspiracy theories seem to be the normal things these days. Conspiracy used to be its own little niche but now it's really out in the open thanks to the Internet and programs like Coast to Coast.

ArtemusBlank  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: June 21, 2017

Good luck with the show. How many people are you going to perform it for?

Even though I'm 29, marriage still seems like a bit of a far away concept for me. I have a girlfriend right now and I have been with her for over half a year but marriage is still ways away for the moment. I guess it's just the new age thinking of how it's now better to get married later than sooner.

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