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This place does it perfect when it comes to trolls as we never really pay attention to them and when that happens trolls never stick around. They always want attention and they never get it here.

ArtemusBlank  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 15, 2017

I would like to see what your students could bring here but then again it's easy for me to say that when I'm not encountering them on a daily basis.

I have no problem with the experiment. It could work or it could not but it's worth a shot. I do like rd's idea of individual sharing.

As someone who does perform poetry, I fully agree with this. When I compete in poetry slams, sometimes I do well and almost win the slam and other times I finish in dead last with low scores. Why? Well counts as good in slams in totally determined by what is common in slam poetry and what the audience wants. A typical slam audience is pretty much young liberal millennials of all races and looks . Either sad emotional poems, social justice issue poems or racial poems that uses the slam language works well with these type of audience. The thing about me is that I don't do those type of poems well. I do a lot of funny weird satire poems that tired to stray from the typical slam language.

When I look at performances of my poetry and see others in action, I don't think I'm that far away in terms of performances. People have told me they really liked the energy I bring to slams and how it made them laugh a lot. But the main thing about me is I'm not the typical that the "insiders" like. Even before I enter a venue to compete, there's a decent chance that it's already determined that the insiders or the audience want something emotional or racial to hang on to whether they want to admit it or not. Why? Well, everyone in these scenes no matter where they are from want the same type of thing when it comes to poetry. I went to The National Poetry Slam last August and it didn't matter where people were from, they pretty much wanted to see the same type of poems. The same type of poems outsiders wouldn't get or relate to. It was kinda like you had to be in to get these types of poems.

Those type of poems that regularly show up on Button Poetry's Youtube page are the ones that make big year after year. There is a lot of "fuck you, because we said so" in slam even if they don't actually say it to your face. You can't really be big even when you go outside of the box, there is a formula that wins slams and there is a formula for poetry in general on what people interested in poetry want to hear. It's never about the outsiders, it's always the insiders.

If I had to guess at why people don't like poetry or think it's a bunch of words without no value is because it doesn't really talk to them. Poetry to some people doesn't communicate to them the way a tv show or a song does. It's not simple enough to be understood and it doesn't have the action that people seek. When a person talks about their emotions in a poem, their words are only felt by people who have been in their situation before or those who are open to the language of a poem. When people see poetry, they see this complex thing that they don't want to deal with because it's usually a thing they don't have to deal with.

I ignore the robots so that they just live in empty spaces.

The theory that Michelle Obama is transgendered is weird and really out there even for conspiracy theorists but I have heard it before just a couple of months ago.


The Laboring Man song was a lot better than I expected. It was really fun. Felt a little campy but it was fun and artsy. I never knew Bill Paxton had a band until today.

Why the Daily Mail and the New York Daily News? Thats a little weird as they aren't against Trump the way CNN or The New York Times might be.

ArtemusBlank  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: February 22, 2017

Hello recently I have been writing weird poems about ufos for some reason. Here is an example of what I might make up...


Work has been all right, just been getting adjusted to Quickbooks. Also been spending some nice quality time with my girlfriend recently. I been seeing some facebook posts about a flat earth and how some people believe in it. It's really weird and I can't grasp how some people can believe it. Even among other conspiracy theories, this is such a stretch. The idea of a flat earth can be debunked so quickly, how can people hang onto this?

What led you to that conclusion? I'm curious.

Did he believe anything else because that's pretty tame when compared to other stuff.

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