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ArtemusBlank  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: June 21, 2017

Good luck with the show. How many people are you going to perform it for?

Even though I'm 29, marriage still seems like a bit of a far away concept for me. I have a girlfriend right now and I have been with her for over half a year but marriage is still ways away for the moment. I guess it's just the new age thinking of how it's now better to get married later than sooner.

ArtemusBlank  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: June 21, 2017

I went to an Amazon Bookstore yesterday in Paramus, NJ. This bookstore had recently opened up a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to see what it was like. There was a good number of people there but overall it seemed like an airport bookstore with slightly less books and a good bunch of amazon stuff. It was okay overall but there was not enough variety in titles to really catch my interest for too long. It seems like more of a casual place to go to sometimes if I'm in the Garden State Plaza with nothing better to do.

Personally as a young man in his 20s, I would never be able to play video games all day. It would get so boring. Even when I had a job I extremely hated as a janitor in my early 20s never did it occur to me to just play video games all day. I used to play video games a good deal when I was in my teens but nowadays I just can't get into them the way I used to. If I play any games, they are usually short games like Way of the Samurai for the PS2. I slice people up with a sword, compete it's quick story and just run around looking for people to kill for two hours. Something longer than that, I will just forget about it after a while.

There's just something about doing nothing but playing video games that's not attractive to me. Sure I could I have a good time and get better but it wouldn't make me feel better.

Isn't r/incels worse or are these two just about the same? I keep hearing incels is an awful place.

I can see why a poem like that can be frustrating as it seems like something anyone could have made. It definitely is head scratching.

Out of boredom, I did a parody piece of that poem today.

    It was hot

    She dreamed of ice

    She got up and took

    the last popsicle

    It was lemon flavored

    I got hot

    I dreamed of ice as well

    I got up

    I wanted a popsicle

    I saw that she was eating

    the last popsicle

    They were in her luscious lips

    All she could say was, "I'm

    sorry I ate the last

    popsicle, it was delicious."

    All I could say to that

    was, "I'm sorry I'm not

    William Carlos Williams,

    by the way we have no

    more plums."

I'll be honest, I never expected that this article would lead to this amount of conversation.

I expected just a couple of comments at best.

"Ironist" sounds like an iron worker of sorts not some random commenter on the Internet who likes to waste time and argue or whatever else.

The thing with pop poetry I have seen on Instagram is that it really doesn't try too hard to be different. It's the usual love things. It's things that people have written time and time again but are just wording a little differently. There's no problem with people enjoying short and simple things but at the same time, it should try to challenge somewhat but not to the point that no one can understand. There just needs to be something in the middle really.

I think there is only two really prominent poetry scenes these days if you would like to call it that, academic poetry and poetry slam scene. Both scenes are scenes that a lot of people just don't fit into because it's scenes that are just trying too hard. One, you need to be really into social issues and the other you really need to be serious with no humor at all and just follow the guidelines given by the leading academic poets no matter what it is. There really isn't anything for people in the middle. No voice for the common man and when that happens, everyone definitely tunes out.

As someone that has competed in poetry slams before, I can agree with this. I do a lot of humor and satire pieces but they just don't resonate with an audience at times because the poetry slam audience is a lot of times looking for that piece about race, despairing emotion or some other social issue. It is the same thing over and over again with some different words I feel. It's frustrating to compete at times because I kinda know what the audience is looking for but it's not exactly me. There are times when I hit well with an audience but It's become less and less often these days. I could conform to what the audience wants as I'm a minority myself but I really don't want to go down that road because it wouldn't fully be me. There are times when I look at the poetry slam community and I just walk away to other poetry scenes that don't focus on slam at all because I feel like I fit in better at places where no one really cares about slam.

I can read a book of poetry but it has to be a poet that interests me. What poets have you tried to read?

A real life Game of Thrones eh?

Who will be our kingslayer though?

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