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It looks like people that work retail jobs will probably start looking at Amazon whether they like it or not since Amazon's job counts are growing and Amazon wants to keep on growing with them trying to build their HQ2 somewhere. 50,000 jobs for the place with HQ2 and more warehouses on the way. People aren't going to have a choice with everything else dying. It might soon only be Amazon or Walmart or some fast food restaurant like McDonalds or Wendys and nothing else really if you're only sticking to retail like jobs.

Big Box is dying and more people will probably be in this situation later this year if and when Kmart and Sears finally keel over. Kmart and Sears are the longest and slowest retail death ever but it's coming soon. Who knows whose next soon? JCPenney, Office Depot or Staples, Barnes and Noble??

The freedom to marry a child...what a great American value of freedom...

This is such a crazy show. Well it would be if it was actually a TV show but no, it's real life somehow.

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That is very rad looking.

Never knew there were Polish mail-order husbands here. Looks like you learn something new everyday.

What a country we live in. Anyways, I never saw the appeal of Snapchat.

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Well he finally died. He seemed to last forever.

I got banned from /r/humor for spamming. I think I only submitted things a couple of times there though. Anyways the last thing I submitted was a video of me doing a poem about being awkward. The video got about 80 upvotes and 700 YouTube views in like four hours before I got banned. I sent a pm to the mods apologizing about the offense I committed even though I rarely posted there but I was still banned from posting even after that.

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I heard that’s it the lunar new year in China and that people pull out their crypto money for gifts. It has happened before and now the crypto market is recovering. It looks like it was just a dip.

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I ran into this problem a couple of years ago. Around 2011, I worked as a janitor for a private company that also offered concierge and security services. I bounced around there until May 2013. My pay the entire time was nine dollars an hour. I once even asked my manager for a raise but he wasn't able to give me one because if he gave me a raise, then he would have to give everyone in my entire building that worked as janitors raises as well. There were 20 people there. I even tried to become a concierge because I felt I could do the job. They were paid 11 dollars an hour and mostly hired young 20 year olds. It was a complete revolving door though as people came in and out. I figured I worked well as a janitor and they knew how good I worked, so I thought they might give me a shot as a concierge. I got an interview but they never gave me a shot. It seemed like if I stayed there, I mostly remain as a janitor unless I was given a supervisor role.

So I got out to my current company where I started out as a mail clerk. I did that for a year and a couple of months when I saw people interviewing for an open position one day, so I decided to ask one of the managers to ask if I could apply to the open position. I wasn't expecting much but I thought it was worth a shot. To my surprise, they said yes and I went on to do a data entry/customer service position. A while later, I was asked if I wanted to apply for an open accounting clerical position even though I did not have an accounting background. I figured it was worth a shot, so I said yes and now a year and half later here I am. I do my job well as it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

I pretty much started at the bottom at two companies but I got lucky and found one where I could at the very least upgrade my job position to something different. The cleaning/concierge/security company cared more about profit and it showed as the managers would come in fancy cars and suits while paying nine dollars an hour to employees. The current company I am at which is a medical billing company has it's own problems but at the very least they gave me some more opportunities. Today I'm not a mail clerk but rather an accounting clerk but I am feeling like the current company I am in is a little more of a rarity than something that is common.


Alabama has elected a democrat to the senate for the first time in 25 years!

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I read the story today and that was so crazy. People in this story killed themselves because of the guilt of their sins. This whole thing could be a movie really.

    Lending money to people who don’t have any is surprisingly profitable. In states where such stores are legal, such as Missouri, they’re more common than McDonald’s franchises. But in the 15 states where such stores are against the law, there are millions of desperate people willing to pay for fast cash and no one to give it to them. Scott pioneered what he thought was a clever legal loophole that would give him access to that market: He created websites that were owned on paper by an American Indian tribe, which could claim sovereign immunity from regulators. Those sites charged as much as $150 interest on a two-week, $500 loan—an annualized interest rate of about 700 percent.

This all sounds like the beginning of some drama movie but it’s all real life and people are getting screwed over as we speak.

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