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Amateurman  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: I'm Married

Congrats man!

If I am mixing you up with someone else, I apologize, it is less assuming and more a little difficult as a new user to follow all of the threads on this website.

Dude, obviously there's help going to Third World countries, my point is not that there is zero help going out there, that's you assuming things out of things I haven't said, but the way you speak makes it sound like there is a overwhelming abundance of people helping to save women for being burned alive for refusing a proposal of marriage.

I've googled this stuff before, and there just doesn't seem to be much help available to these women. My point is why is everyone discussing a poster, when there should be equal if not more discussion about a woman being burned alive for refusing marriage?

As other users said, marathons or not one by the mile but by the as other users of said, marathons are not one by the mile but by the step, this may be true, but its fucked up of people running the race to eradicate offensive posters but nobody's running the race to eradicate women being burned alive.

To me it comes across as appealing to people's laziness, it's easy to complain online about a poster, it's very hard to go fly to a country away from friends and family to save the life of women you've never met from their truly barbaric culture.

I have, and that's why I think there should be an open honest conversation about race and the potential differences via genetics/IQ. Black people on average have a lower IQ than whites, which isn't affected by education, and not taking that lightly as the whole matter of IQ is controversial in the first place. But there are a lot of interesting crime statistics that demostrate a strong possibility of black people being more violent as a whole than other races. The socioeconomic studies I've read show unemployment & poverty simply do not correlate to an increase in crime, but race does.

The problem is, trying to have an open and honest dialogue about these things makes white guilters and the black community cry racist, when it could be helpful to fixing the very issues that plague them. Such a broken households. Say more research is done and it turns out due to higher testosterone, lower IQ, or maybe a somewhat different pre frontal cortex is the cause of the apparent propensity of blacks for crime. We could help them have happier healthier lives. I know it's appalling to hear such things, but most species on earth have slight variations among themselves with lesser or greater capabilities per task, why is it so offensive that humans may not be any different? I'm not saying treat black people's a subclass of humans, but they could get better learning institutions suited to their capabilities to promote them having every bit of equal opportunity as everyone else does.

There are a myriad of problems in the black community, some such as broken households, are self perpetuating but everyone is too fearful to address them.

Edit since you asked for additional data but muted me? I guess here you go?

This is the only one I have on hand on my phone; but here's the FBI crime stats for 2013.

Here's the census of 2010 and 2014:

Here is a well written albeit offensive blog discussing it in great detail.

Lol no you did not how delusional are you?

This is the problem, all the shit you just talked about is hearsay, where is the actual proof that work is being done to liberate women in Third World countries? I sure as hell haven't seen any, you haven't provided any, you've just been busy trying to insult me.

You had an opportunity to educate somebody willing to learn as a matter fact, and who very politely gave their viewpoint and posed the question with genuine intrigue so that they could expand their worldview. Yet instead of doing anything in regard to educate me or us exchange ideas, you state I'm barely literate and go to post nonsense and behave as a child would.

Good job.

Yes, the typical Liberal move, someone challenged you so you scream until they leave so you can avoid using logic and realizing 95% of what you believe is baseless and unfounded. This will not encourage me to leave, it will encourage me to continue upsetting your naive little minds with powerful arguements.

No they aren't, they very much function via the chaos of the universe. As an electronics engineer I can tell you that we have no idea how or why computers work for the most part.

Liberals aren't hard to spot, there is no shame in labeling ideals, especially fairytale nonsense ones.

I was hoping to come here to learn oppossing points to ky own, and see the strong side of liberal argument for once, but now I see the issue is that there simply is no such thing as a strong arguement for Liberalism.

This is quite possibly the worst meme I've ever seen.

Again, more childish avoidance of the topic at hand.

Thanks for allowing me to add more Liberal defeat to my bedpost I guess. I expected more of a challenge from the looks of it here, but if my intoxicated ramblings are too heavy for you then wow, you'll have no chance sober. Lol.

Bye crybaby. :) Here's a good deal you might enjoy when you're broke from socialism.

Absolutely, but since when does the universe operate in equals and balance? It is literally impossible for everything to be successfully equal. Hollywood's business model does not predicate for every male action movie, we must release a female action movie, for every white lead role there must be a black lead role, so on & so forth. It doesn't work that way, and frankly in a world that claims it wants equal treatment for all, everyone sure pays a lot of attention to putting people in catagories. The typical hypocritical thinking of Liberals, have our cake and eat it too.

Again, avoiding any actually ideological discourse, but childishly posting nonsense. So much for the community on this site being about civility & comprehension. All I've seen so far are people throwing temper tantrums.

Lol oh my god, I drunkenly at 4am post a statement with mild grammar flaws and that's classes me as " barely literate ". You hang on to that whisper of an excuse to very pathetically validate why you won't respond. I know very well it's because like all Liberals, you can't actually rationalize or defend your crybaby ideas against legitimate facts & logic.

Amateurman  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: I could hardly sleep last night

Secret's safe with me. I loved it man! For some reason it's like super funky street jazz meets nostaligic Pokemon music ( In a very good way ).

Nice ad hominen, but you didn't really refute much of anything.

Why should I get off this site because I have opposing view points? Isn't this the way people get educated is by discussing ideas?

Such as I don't think racism is completely out of whack. Did you know that in 2013 despite being 13% of the population the black community committed 52% of the murders in America? There is also an abundance of studies that show the only increase of crime correlates to race, not poverty or education. I can cite sources if you'd like.

But I imagine now you'll give me more ad hominen instead of refuting the central point?

Amateurman  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hello all! I have a question?

Very good arguement, but I'm curious why the same efforts aren't put towards the in my personal opinion greater evil. Could we not offer asylum to such women who wanted to break free of " culture "?

Something else I'm curious of, my wife is a domestic voilence survivor and had a long hard road to recover from it. ( Father cutting and breaking bones of her, her sister, and her mother.) My father was also a wife beater, and to this day I'm very extreme anti voilence. Neither of us understand why the X-men poster is offensive. We both personally view it as people being for lack of a better word, crybabies. We both view it as one monster in a war killing the main character in war where he indiscriminately kills countless men, women, and children. I don't even see the character as a man, just a god, and Mystique as a soldier. In my mind, it's two powerful people fighting. Why do people consider this offensive and view it man vs women, yet things like 50 shades, and Twilight ( abusive etc ) are heralded? This bearing in mind consent, 50 shades lady consented BDSM, Twilight lady consented to stay with a douche, and Mystique consented to war, and to be killed by anyone or anything?

Furthermore, why is there no outrage when it is a woman slapping, shooting, beating up, murdering, or torturing a man? I mean, in one of these X-Men movies Mystique and Wolverine really F each other up.

This is not meant to be any degree of disrespectful I'm geniunely curious because I find it for one, not a case of man vs woman more god vs a soldier, and two there is so many equal examples of violence commited to the opposing genders by the other. I personally find it hypocritical that those who are for equality don't want examples of voilence against women by men, but the reverse is 100% acceptable where both genders can be viewed in a fantasy situation such as X-Men equally as capable of harming each other.

I think there is much more problematic examples of women's abuse such as Twilight, strippers, etc in much more realistic settings that can impression young women that something truly awful is acceptable and normal. Like being in an abusive relationship, only being as good as the man in your life. Providing examples of what is normal is where stuff like this can be offensive, if a movie poster showed a normal man, choking his spouse then I'd understand the offense. But anything the poster in question demonstrates that no matter your gender you can die in war. Especially if you are both super powered monsters who bareky have a gender.

Anyhoo, I really appreciate your first response and I hope you will consider giving me your prespective on this one. :)

Amateurman  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hello all! I have a question?

As a Libertarian I love this. I would done this in both Reddit or Voat but neither of them have such a powertful interface. I love how cerebal everyone seems to be here.