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Investigative report concerning WelcomeHomeBlog and pro-military astroturfing

[redacted per email request: 04-17-2013]

JakobVirgil 1102 days ago   ·   link
doxing is fun
thenewgreen 1103 days ago   ·   link
I'll be in Wilmington at some point in the next couple weeks, maybe I can knock on Chase's door and ask him what the deal is? The Hulk Hogan thing kind of thew me for a loop and I ended up listening to one of his songs --could have done without that.

Who knows what his intentions are, maybe he's truly doing this for the right reasons and not making any money off of it? As for the reddit posts, it definitely seems bogus.

Nice sleuthing though, impressive work. You should update this as you find out more (if you do)

dublinben 1103 days ago   ·   link
I really don't want to know any more about this. Whatever his true motivations are, he's spamming reddit. If he wanted to raise money for military charities, he should ask. Reddit has a proven track record of charitable giving.
thenewgreen 1102 days ago   ·   link
I don't use reddit much but I've been really, really impressed with the communities ability to rally around certain ideas, SOPA for example, and certain charitable endeavors. I once donated to a little boy that was having surgery at Duke because of reddit. Reddit can be such a powerful force at times, it's quite remarkable.

I don't blame you for not wanting to know more. It seems to me that being a moderator would be a ton of work. As someone unfamiliar with the process, is it very time consuming? Other than the satisfaction of being part of something you like, are there other incentives?

dublinben 858 days ago   ·   link

Moderating on reddit can take as much time as you're willing to give it. I don't have as busy of a queue to consider as more popular moderators. Someone like syncretic dedicated significant time to build a content network that has quite a few subscribers.

I mainly handle disputes from users and try to post good content. I do it because I think I can be a positive influence on the places I moderate. Some people do it for the power, I just want to leave a better site than I found.

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