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comment by user-inactivated
user-inactivated  ·  487 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski Craft Fair v2.75 - February 20, 2020

For a while, I was kind of worried that with weekly craft threads from kingmudsy, I’d have to figure out things to do to share with Hubski. I think it was this week though, that I kind of realized, that I do “crafty” stuff on the regular and all I gotta do is take some pictures from time to time and I have something to share. I’m not saying I do anything well, just that I do them.

The other day at work, I had some down time, and I noticed a thin spot wearing on my oldest pair of still wearable jeans. I may or may not have decided to take a pair of scissors and lightly rub against it to wear it down a bit (spoiler alert, I did) just to give me something to patch up. Also, for some reason, when you’re bored and antsy, it’s just as soothing to take something apart as it is to put something together. It’s not a big hole, not like my jacket, but it’s something to work with. Besides, it’ll probably naturally grow as time goes on because if I show you guys pictures of these pants, man, they’re old. They used to be a dark blue. No lie. I’ll show more pictures the next time I work on them. Anyhow.

So I cut out a piece of scrap denim to patch it with and picked two threads I like the color of. I ended up cutting out the wrong size patch for the grain direction (weave v weft) of the pants, so I had to cut out another piece, but I didn’t take a picture cause you’re all smart. You get the idea.

I made sure to line up the patch so that the weave and the weft of the patch matches the weave and weft of my pants. For good measure, I also made sure that the diagonal weave of both the patch and the pants ran in the same direction, just in case, but I don’t know if that really makes a difference at all. When I was about halfway done, I realized that I was pulling my threads too tight and that my denim was puckering a bit. I don’t think that’s totally a good thing, but I actually kind of like the look a bit, so I ran with it.

Here it is with just the red thread so far. To be honest, the puckered look kind of works with the thread to give the whole area some extra texture. It reminds me of bark on a tree.

Here’s the final patch, with the green thread running in the other direction. The green, tone wise, kind of matches up with the cool tones of the blue in the denim, so it doesn’t stand out as much as the red. But you know, subtly is nice.

Nothing too impressive, it’s a thing, I did it, here’s picture evidence. I actually do have a bigger project for these jeans. The bottom cuffs are absolutely shredded and need some real bad attention. So I’m gonna work on patching those up. What I think I’ll end up doing is adding some extra cloth to the whole area to give me some material to work with and then basically spend half a century doing button hole stitches all along the cuffs. I promise next time, I’ll take a good picture of a non-worn out area of the pants so you guys can see just how much these things have aged. Cause man, they’re old. But they’re still good, so I’m keeping them.

I need to clean up the craft room soon. I wanna get back to making books.

Here’s hoping you’re all having a good week and happy crafting!