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comment by PTR

Oh look! Something I think about all the time. I'll download the book once I get an Audible credit. Already read Nomadland last year when my own parents were considering that lifestyle. An RV + trailer full of beehives + Midwest croplands that need pollination = my parent's best retirement plan yet.

I'm a young Millennial, born in the '90s. I'm what the Boomers like to see: college-educated, "workforce ready", full-time job with career plans, great credit score, responsible debt repayment, living in a major metro area, married young, professionally articulate and socially polite, etc. They love it, makes them feel good. They like knowing Millennials like me exist. After all, examples like me prove they haven't fucked up as badly as everyone says they have - I'm still recognizable as something they value, a worker. And in a world that's changing faster than they can keep up, they like the familiarity.

But holy fuck if I don't hold some crazy ageist rage-blame for nearly every 50+ year old I come across Out There for the shit they've put everyone else through, and every Millennial/Gen Z-er I know feels the same. The Epic of America was written in 1931, and the "American Dream" was coined in it. By the time Boomers had come of age, the Dream was old enough to be believed. By the time they were through with it, it had been destroyed along with the environment that had allowed it to exist in the first place. The number of people who are ready for an alternative is growing.

A parallel subject that gets brought up among my friends when talking about Boomers and all the shit ye have wrought is that we are well past-due for a global military conflict. The climate crisis will reach a head, migrant refugees will vie with national citizens over scarce resources, destabilized governments will topple, and superpowers will get antsy. During it all, 75 million Boomers and Donald Trump will slither into their coffins.

We joke, but it's some consolation to think that we'll hopefully be dealing with that crisis on our own.

kleinbl00  ·  890 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Speaking from an American perspective, "global military conflict" will never happen again. We've gone way too asymmetrical for any true boots-on-ground battle to progress much past the point of "drones perpetually overhead" and "garrisons that never leave." While the Air Force has spent the past 50 years attempting to win Wargames the movie, the Army has been busy attempting to win Vietnam; no first world nation will ever again engage in combat with another first world nation because the stakes are too high and the avenues for deescalation are too readily available.

I think South Ossetia is as close as we'll ever get to old-style conventional warfare.