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comment by psychoticmilkman
psychoticmilkman  ·  282 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: (1) Go Here (2) Sign in with a Twitter burner (3) Spy on Newark

The difference is the location of the camera. The street corner cameras are not being monitored, they're just recording. For the general population that don't think about security cameras on a daily basis, it's understandably weird to them to find out the cameras could be open to the public to watch.

The overweight high-school dropout is being paid to monitor the cameras inside the bodega, and only at night when no one is allowed inside.

goobster  ·  282 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I'm not sure I agree with you.

When webcams first became popular, people would set them up on their computer at work, and point the camera at something interesting outside... the Danube River, a bird nest, a coffee maker, whatever.

They pointed at public and private areas, were open and available on the internet to anyone with a web browser, and nobody blinked.

There were web sites (and really early sub-Reddits) which were dedicated to gathering the best footage from these public cameras, and sharing the video or stills. There were even ads based off this idea, like the one of the cubicle worker going bonkers:

I think the idea that people have a problem with a camera being watched by a "professional" vs "some guy on the internet" is a red herring. I don't think that is the problem here. There is something more deeply at work in the psyche...