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comment by kleinbl00

The rye isn't great straight, no. The bourbon is better. Not good, but better.

Dunno. People are all hipstery about Bulleit but I'd put it a distant... seventh? Behind Woodford, Wild Turkey, Maker's, Jack, Jim Beam, and Old Crow.

And Jack isn't even technically bourbon.

As to Richard Spencer, he appears to be legitimately broke. He was late filing and got stripped of tax-exempt status which has all sorts of nasty implications. Not a lawyer, but I would imagine that having your corporate status change in the middle of being sued would be an unwelcome complication. If they can drill through the nonprofit to attach to personal assets, his family would likely convince him to divest of their land holdings so that they wouldn't be at risk.

The guy has, from all external observations, gone from a rich kid living off of mommy's money with a handy 501(c)(3) to hide behind to being a dude in need of an allowance because he's facing a dire legal threat.

    "I would never put someone's credit card up like that because they got declined, I would never do that," he said. "Except in this one instance where I thought it was kind of funny."

Because really - if you can't make fun of Nazis, who can you make fun of?