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comment by snoodog
snoodog  ·  466 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: March 15, 2017

Its been 15 days since I last slept for more than 3 hours straight, sleep deprivation due to parenthood is no joke. Were finally working things out such that I at least get 6-8 hours total in multiple 2-3 hour increments.

This weekend I scored some beekeeping equipment on CL and placed an order for some fricken bees. I'm a true urban homesteader now (Chickens, Bees, Fruit trees and vegetable garden).

Garden wise I bought a bunch more plants, wife wanted to plant strawberries so I bought 150 starts plus another blueberry, some Hardy Kiwis and a Quince tree. Ive been holding off on planting any seeds this year. Its been way too wet and cold. Kind of a bummer year for direct sow seeds so far.

Started up jogging again to keep the mental health going. Seem to be keeping it going so far minus a few days for a cold.

Otherwise Just been playing a lot of video games. Horizon Zero dawn has been superb. highly recommend to anyone that owns a PS4. Played a bit of the new Ghost recon, also pretty good (like GTA with better tactical combat) but nowhere near as fun as Zero dawn.