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There are a lot of missions where US troops are training up local militias and friendly forces. We’re not really officially deployed there so if someone gets shot and shoots back it creates an incident. I’ve heard some stories from people ive casually had beers with of those going bad and not being able to shoot back at the hostile.

The border patrol mission would likely be too political to allow for an incident to occur.

It’s not just the UN in Africa

It wouldn’t be a terrible deployment to go on. You are state side, and you won’t be killing civilians or aiding terrible dictators. Probably just marking targets and building out fencing. No worse than training. The only thing that would really suck is that rules of engagement would most likely not allow you to shoot back at any cartels that might be shooting at you, but that’s not new there are a lot of shitholes in Africa where that happens. Doubt you would have anything to do with actual migrants at worst you might have to escort an agent in to do the arrests and paperwork

In Seattle market has inflected but those that are nimble will be able to get out with minimal losses they just need to be more motivated to sell and undercut the competition. Most sellers will try to get last months prices and have their inventory sit for a long time as they ride the market down. Personally I think it’s got more to do with the amazon stock price than anything, suddenly that crazy amazon money isn’t a sure thing anymore and a lot of buyers are probably getting cold feet.

Left of Democrats?

snoodog  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Any of y'all still play Stellaris?

I keep waiting for the mid game to be fun and it never is. I’ve given up

I don’t get it, none of these people check their mail. What’s the point? At best the culprit would have taken out a mail room clerk and given the reciever a bunch of positive press/attention

This is purely a resource allocation problem, do you allocate resources randomly or do you allocate them based on need/demand. A person that needs to run a sump pump to prevent flooding is going to be way more likely to pay 3-4x for a generator than some who wants to watch football and have cold beer. If you put a price ceiling than it’s going to be random luck on who gets the generator and it won’t be assigned to where it does the most good.

Some bleeding heart liberal will of course say that poor people live in lower areas, poor people are less likely to evacuate so poor people are being price gouged so it’s not fair. And yeah life’s not really fair but we don’t currently have a better way to distribute resources based on need. What will likely happen is that all the generators will either get bought by people that don’t need them or scalpers for the secondary market and the person that really needs one will either have to pay even more on the secondary market or not be able to get a generator at all and sustain huge avoidable losses. So instead of a shitty situation to the tune of $1000 for a overpriced generator someone might be out 50-100k in flood damage

It would never make sense to bring generators into the worst disaster areas. The optimal delivery point is just far enough to sell the generators on the outskirts of the storm damage. Instead of moving goods to the area of highest demand you would move them to an area of lowest barriers.

Ok fine I guess everyone can sit without power then because equality. You will get your water and chainsaws whenever the normal supply chain feels like delivering it because merchants can’t raise prices to cover expediting an order.

If a guy drove to an adjacent state, bought up a bunch of generators and brought them back that’s just good business and now there are 19 more generators available than there would be otherwise. He might be gouging if had 19 in stock for months , waited till the hurricane them marked them up 200% but even that should be fair game.

That’s the joy of a command economy, It doesn’t matter how much money you have, you can’t buy anything on the normal market. Black market is the only option

snoodog  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: September 12, 2018

How much did they cost you originally?

snoodog  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: September 12, 2018

Lol raises what is this 1970? CEO bonuses additional management and shareholder value is where it’s all going. Coffee going away is a really bad sign because the perceived benefit value is much higher than the cost. I bet you won’t le have to pay employees a couple more thousand a year to have comparable value to the employee. Something about being fucked over on coffee every morning has always made me a bit annoyed with my employer.

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