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snoodog  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: July 11, 2018

Depending on the extent of injury and quality of insurance you have it sometimes better to say you had a bike accident and lie.

This guy doesn’t get it. People who subscribe to HBO at $15 a month pay the premium to get 4-8 hours of premium content. They do it because they have a ton on disposable income but not a lot of free time. Their time is valuable and they don’t have the luxury of wasting it on shit content. Hours of shit content a day, leave that for cable.

Yeah... this stuff makes the Obama birther conspiracy look sane and sensible in comparison.

Yeah I would say you are probably being scammed or at least word has gotten out about your generosity. Your are sending money into a war zone and it’s unclear if it’s going to buy passports food or guns/ieds. You really should ask for some sort of verification that the money went to the purposes described.

Also would highly discourage sending money to the woman in your post. There isn’t really a way for that to work out well. At best they will have food for a week at worst they will buy explosives both are consumables so either way they will hit you up for more money and the cycle will continue. At least in the previous case the money supposedly went to bettering the situation, although you will likely get hit up for more there as well

I think what he’s saying is that at some point the penalty is too low and the time has no value or the price of the ticket isn’t worth the officers time..

Seattle has already started to have this problem where crimes where the city will not enforce laws against hobos and addicts. It’s not worth the officers time to arrest someone who is on heavy drugs and committed property crimes because the processing will take a long time and the tiny penalty is not a deterrent. It’s really hard to punish people who are living near rock bottom without going either way overboard or not being effective.

That’s because the definition of employment and unemployment has changed in the last decade. Now people can be underemployed but not unemployed, so that one shitty job can be split between two people at 10-35 hrs a week. There still aren’t enough jobs but they don’t show up on stats. The data could be corrected by combining underemployed hours and dividing them by 40 and getting true unemployment rates equivalent to what we were measuring in the past but nobody wants to do that

snoodog  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How to Steal 50 Million Bees

The numbers in this article are off by at least a factor of 2 but what’s a bit of exaggeration between friends. No way a hive goes for $1500 also highly unlikely to have a million bees per hive 50-80k is the high end

I don’t think investing a lump sum at or near the peak has ever been a good idea. When you are incremeally investing small sums it’s a lot less of a problem then lump sum investing.

40k isn’t that much money, it’s a good emergency fund though. If you want to but something, brokered CDs are yielding 2- 3% at no risk but you have to buy them through a brokerage account.

Best thing you can do is pay off student loans, they are the worst loans to have because they are non dischargable

I bet the damages to the studio for breach of contract would be insane

Someone somewhere probably got separated sure, but is it happened systematically? Are there other underlying reasons like say the person has been arrested at the border multiple times or is trafficking drugs. If someone who was a citizen subjected their kid to the same conditions that the mother did it’s likely CPS would have come and taken the kid into protective custody. What I’m saying is that you see the outrage angle clearly in the media reporting but there may be other important pieces of information that are missing, some of which may not be legally allowed to be released even.

The story plays out as children are being snatched away from their parents at the border because trump is a bad person and hates immigrants. That’s not what is happening though the story is significantly more nuanced and complicated than that. Reading multiple reports you can kind of piece something tougher but it’s all very murky and sensationalized.

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