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What was the mean time to explosion? Did shit blow up literally every minute?

I guess reviewers were told they must live the film or get blackballed buy Disney fox because the professionals overwhelmingly loved this turd. Just goes to show you that there are very few honest professionals left that do reviews or that thir voices are overwhelmed by the meta critic semi pro heard

snoodog  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Ethereum just blasted through $600

Any now 700

Great that Moore lost but shitty that Jones was the guy to beat him. His victory really reinforces the democratic party of courting big out of state money, shifting right, and giving minorities only token support without any meaningful promises. Once again we had an election were democrats put up the shittiest candidate that they thought could win and in this case the bet payed off and he just barely squeaked by.

It’s probably safer to short the Futures and slowly sell the underlying

You can’t really cash out. If you have any reasonable amount of coins you are along for the ride since the limits for transactions are 10-15k a week. At least on Coinbase

Also raw tuna. Eat lots before they are extinct and/or banned

Funny how China is totally unaffected but they do the same thing

Yeah but like you mentioned you dont need to police all of it, just the high viewer stuff and the the kid focused stuff.

There are sadly no good newspapers or news sources left in the US. Not sure what’s even left globally

Agreed that this probably won’t work. The only reason bitcoin works is there is a limited finite supply. This will likely be vulnerable to abuse by local governments and future attack by foreign governments though hackers or just overwhelmingling the crypto through raw computer power.

The tax bill sucks, although I think personally I’ll end up ahead by a couple hundred dollars. I do wonder what the democratic version of the tax bill will look like. I have a feeling I’ll be paying a whole lot more in 3 years as a consequence of this Republican approach. The democrats are going to vote for more service but probably also more corporate giveaways and odds are it’s coming out of my tax bracket. 1% ers will remain untouched of course

snoodog  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are you playing?

Yeah you can get 2 months for like $10 and 16 thereafter. If you buy more than 2 games a year it’s worthwhile, you can get it down to 120 a year or so

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