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snoodog  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: February 22, 2017

If you dont need or use a phone much there are a ton of plans out there that are super cheap. As in almost free ~10/month range. I got my wife's mom one and I think it had a annual cost of $10 after the $50 initial payment. Just think of all the lenses you could buy with the money saved... Cell plans run 30-50 if you want data and stuff.

$370 im in? What am i paying 15-20 people to make?

Probably around $150 the light was the expensive part.

$70 for a light T5 Ho 4' lights 4 Total

$15 for a pump

$5 for the air stones

$20 for PH down and 1 Part nutrient solution

$5 for PH litmus paper

$15 for the plastic tray from Ikea

$10 for the sheet of 2" foam, 1" would have worked better

$10 for a 50 pack of grow plugs

$3 seeds

The light stand I made out of left over Al extrusion from the 3D printer project I never finished.

As of yesterday that's only $75 per lettuce not including energy costs (figure heat in the winter doeskin count).

elizabeth Buttercrunch Lettuce. Need a verity that doesn't grow very tall and can tolerate warm weather w/o being bitter.

My little plant setup.

This is abhorrent. I thought amazon was a shit place to work for but this is a real low. I know Uber isnt much for laws but rolling back work place to 60s standards is just disgusting.

Couldn't you have made the same argument against MLK back in the day?

    I'm very much in agreement with what the author says. Milo and Spencer preach hate, suppression, harassment, and in some cases violence that shouldn't be allowed.
The problem is how do you decide what is and isnt allowed. There is a lot of opportunity for abuse. If you are the Ferguson mayor maybe you argue that BLM is engaged in hate speech and violence and shut them down. Or maybe you shut down people protesting an immigration law, because you call that hate speech. Or how about religious leaders what do you do with them? Is it ok for them to preach hate speech? If not do we shut down all catholic churches because they preach intolerance to gays?

Generally the courts in the US have put a very limited threshold on what sort of speech is NOT protected for this very reason.

    If your ideas cannot withstand the court of public opinion, then your ideas are bad and do not deserve a public stage. This has always been, and always will be, simply due to common sense.

So according to that statement gay rights are bad idea in Russia and women's rights are a bad idea in the Middle East. I disagree. I think the court of public opinion can be wrong quite often and should not be used to judge what speech can be said.

snoodog  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: February 8, 2017

Yesterday I took the day off and skiied 18in of fresh powder. It was amazeballs. After that a bunch of friends got toughener and made some awesome home made pizza. Yesterday was an amazing day.

Today... not so much, I woke up this morning to the wife asking if I had bought her chocolates. I was a little surprised by the question until I saw the damage. The dog ate my wifes 1lb box of valentines candy. So I had to run to the store buy some Hydrogen preoxied, dose the dog, which immediately vomited chocolate over our living room rug. But not enough, because she vomited more later and now shes at the vet getting pumped full of black carbon and green money. FML. I love the dog but there goes $500 of fun money down the toilet. Once again I'm either working overtime or having a frugal month.

I wanted to get into beekeeping this year, but start up costs are high. ~120 for 3lb of bees, $100 for a suit, $30 for a smoker and at least 100 bucks for the hive (and you need 2) looking at 400-500 in start up costs. (which the dog just ate). Im going to try the more frugal approach, build some swarm traps, put some lures in them and hope for the best. If I get lucky I'll drop my startup costs significantly, if not well there is always next year.

My hydroponic lettuce project is going great, almost out of room/ready to harvest. Maybe I'll post some pictures of the crop later today.

    That precedent had already been set. Ever heard of Selma, Alabama? Or MLK?
And we should be diligent to not accept that again. By allowing suppression to happen we set ourselves up for future failure where the speaker actually has something meaningful to say.

    Nobody has to give him a stage to be a dick from. Nobody has to listen to him being a dick. If he had any balls or integrity, he'd go to Speakers Corner and make use of the rights provided to him.

They didnt have to but for some reason they did. Once people showed up to listen others violated not only the rights of that Milo (who i dont really care about) but also the right of any of those that showed up to listen. I think all those people that were busy infringing on others rights should have been appropriately punished, given a night in jail, and made to pay for any property damage they caused.

I was thinking of the UC berkly violence but I guess something similar happend in Davis https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2017/01/14/us/milo-yiannopoulos-uc-davis-speech-canceled/index.html?client=safari


In both cases protesters use violence to shut down speech. If we accept that as normal and acceptable without punishment of the violent individuals it sets a horrible precedent. Today it might be some alt right wignut in Berkeley but tomorrow it might be a BLM speaker, Muslim speaker or an abortion clinic in Alabama. The point is protecion of speech should be grey and only in cases of clear and immediate danger should it be allowed to be suppress.

I guess I would draw the line at violence. Anytime someone uses violence to suppress speech no matter the type that's a problem. If the government fails to protect the speaker from violence and again fails to punish the violent offenders then the government is defacto suppressing speech.

That's the problem with that milo guy. Guy maybe a total ahole but allowing violent protesters to deny him his right to speech, and the right of those attending to listen sets a really bad precedent. Because in many cases the local police choose not to press charges they basically complicit in the suppress of speech.

The comic misses big picture of one group of people using violence to denying another group their legal rights. Clearly somebody wanted to listen to milo and they were not allowed to. He wasn't shown the door he was made to leave by an intruder at gunpoint.

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