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comment by mike
mike  ·  3313 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Oops - Wrong Number  ·  

What!? "yur guy hit our truck with the train"? Yeah buddy, good luck getting the train company to pay for that one!

My funniest wrong number story: When I first moved to Norway some 7 years ago a lady called from Denmark trying to reach her son in Tromsø. I couldn't speak much Norwegian, but she just kept talking. I tried all the simple things I could say, I had just moved from the US, the weather was nice, I worked in mathematics, etc. Found out her name was Elsi.

A couple of weeks later she called again. We laughed about the wrong number and chatted a little bit more. She seemed delighted just to talk.

A few days later she rang again. "Hei! Det er Elsi!" she said. "Hvordan er været?!" (How's the weather?!) No pretense of a wrong number now! This dear old lady just wanted to talk. She became a phone friend for a while, calling me at random times and talking slowly so I could understand, but I really couldn't speak many words and I guess it was too demanding so after a while she stopped.

Oh Elsi, where are you today? We could discuss so many things now!