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comment by ooli

The article reference "the Dan plan" (http://thedanplan.com/) : A guy deciding to begin Golf from scratch. Last time I checked he was 3000+ hour in, and began tournament.

The point is, nobody advocated just "repeating" the same task. Dan has a coach and is still learning. He never intended to just throw golf ball aimlessly for 10000 hours.

The guy from eastern Europe who teach his 3 daughter chess for 10 000+ hour when they were toddler. Still gave them coach when they grew older. It always was about learning for 10 000 hours. (the 3 daughter went chess champion, one was even number 1 or 2 and competed with dude)

It's not a debunking it's bullshit: giving your target false pretense (repeat a task for 10000) and proving it's stupid.

I'm a bit bitter, cause I like debunking. That's why I clicked that link. I would like the 10 000 hours theory to be debunked. I would like anything to be debunked. It's kind of fun. This is a stupid click bait article for guys like me !!