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It is classical Vichy Democrat thinking to go "I mean yeah the ends justify the means but we should 100% get rid of anyone who accomplished our ends if we disagree with their means because THIS IS AMERICA."

That's Al Haig, blatantly disregarding the 25th Amendment after Reagan was shot and serving in office for another two years before suggesting we nuke Europe for shits and giggles finally pissed off Caspar Weinberger enough to put him out to pasture.

The two most dominant planks in the Republican Party platform are:

(1) Trump won the election

(2) Vaccines are bad.

Anybody who disagrees with one or both of those should be negotiated with, at least.

You know how coups happen? Enough people go "yeah there are rules, but fuck the rules" or enough people go "yeah, we're utterly fucked, but there are rules." Dollars to donuts, Milley likely would have led a counter-coup if Pence had decided he had the authority to stop the election.

And everyone reading this would be happy about that.