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ooli  ·  298 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Morning, Hubski. How do you motivate yourself to do something difficult?

A podcast that resonated with me by Gretchen Rubin pretend there are 4 type of people concerning getting motivated.

-High achiever: like goobster, kleinbloo, nil (according to their comment). They find motivation within themselves to do what they intend to

- Cerebral: like thenewgreen, need to think of all the good things (and bad) and that keep them on track

- Socialite : (like yourself, I guess) Need to have other people account to their effort, and to push them forward

- Rebel :( like me, according to that comment ) just do thing out of spite, even against themself. I stopped smoking, because everyone , and myself, said it was hard. I needed to prove them (and I ) wrong

My advice, get cold turkey. 48h without nicotine. Tell your family and friend about that, get someone to stop with you. Drink a lot of water for 48h. Disrupt your usual pattern associated with smoking (mine was sugared-coffee, so I drank coffee without sugar and it was enough to stop the association )

Good luck, I have trust in you. And you'll feel so much better after, I promise