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goobster  ·  495 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Activist Stops Deportation on Swedish flight

The story has developed today.

Apparently the man was a convicted felon. He has served his time, and is not considered dangerous any more, so would live out his life in peace in Sweden. Unfortunately, back in Afghanistan, they would most likely execute him, or incarcerate him for life, despite the fact he has served his time/reformed.

So the story is more nuanced (duh) than we thought... and is actually far more interesting, because it forces us to ask if we believe our justice systems are "working" or not.

Option 1: Man is being deported. I don't believe he should be, so I defend his right to stay.

Option 2: Convicted felon is being deported. Do I believe he has been reformed and is no longer a menace to society? Am I willing to stand up for him, despite his history, and say he should be able to stay because I believe justice has been served, and he is now equal to any other citizen?

That's an interesting question for each person to ask themselves.