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galen  ·  262 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: PSA: The hubwheel is not a "like" button.

I agreed up until your example.

    Something that stands on its own, and is a valuable post in and of itself

doesn't necessarily follow from

    "HEY EVERYONE! This is something everyone should read!!"

Very simply:

    MK's comment is funny, so 5 people clicked the hubwheel. Which means that now "pics or it didn't happen" is classified as a "comment that's worth reading" on hubski.

I have no problem with that. MK's comment is worth reading-- it's funny! In the same way, flac's Pubski comment about being engaged is worth reading, not because it's "super seriously intellectual valuable content that stands on its own," but because in the context of the site, where a lot of us care about flac, we want to say to other users, "hey! Check it out, flac got engaged!" So of course his comment has a full hubwheel and a couple badges.