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For anyone maybe wondering whether or not Russia already knows about this: They do. They surely knew it before this blogger worked it out.

kleinbl00, would there not be kill switches abundant/redundant to the power supplies or function of any whatever-wavelength transmitters or sigint encryption algorithm before USA 276 arrived? No problem for a passive receiver staring downwards, though, might be tough to find that. At least with optical, you could be fairly certain that no modifications were made to the physical structure in between launch and close approach of the ISS without someone getting wind of it. Y'know, IF you were looking for something with that method, which would be kinda weird, but here we are, huh?

Poor astronauts are probably all tasked with spying on the kosmonauts and vice-versa. And I mean directly tasked. Not "launch-a-spy-sat-from-a-totally-civilian-space-shuttle" and then go back to microgravity experiments.