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zebra2  ·  1019 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Sci-fi club special issue: Ghost in the Shell edition

So I've actually seen the new movie. Overall, I think it was better than expected. The visuals and atmosphere were true to the original with lots of little details that pay service to the franchise. Various iconic scenes were remade nearly shot-for-shot, which I had no problem with. The part where it really suffered was the Hollywood retooling of the plot to hit all the groan-worthy tropes. The villain was overly villainous and lacked any credibility or realism. Some of the character relationships also suffered due to unknown reasons. The Major is untrusting of Batou at points?

Also some dialogue was traded out for crappier dialogue. And The Major's character was... uncharacteristic of what it should be. Uncertain and overly emotional rather than detached but confident. There's plenty for a purist to rag on.

Also acting was kind lousy. WTF scarjo, you can't act well and be famous at the same time? On top of that there was an almost amazing amount of word slurring going on for a feature film.