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_refugee_  ·  3118 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Why People Under 35 Are Unhappy

I didn't like this article the first time it was posted

This is not a slam against a repost, as it was originally posted over 2 years ago, but I don't feel like typing up again that I think this article is douchey and patronizing.

Here's a great example of why this guy seems like an asshole to me

    On my walk home from work, I was whistled at twice, honked at twice, and one car almost caused an accident slowing down to stare at me. Sometimes I really hate men.

    Core reasons for posting: Image Crafting, Jealousy Inducing

This article 2 years ago basically soured me on the guy writing waitbutwhy. He seems like an asshole.


On a side note, search is way better in that it's returning things, BUT, everyone let's try a little experiment. Copy/paste the link for the Gen Y article into search and see what comes up.

It's like 15 pages of results, most of which I don't understand why they're showing up. It's...interesting. Also, the original posting of this article didn't show up at all in the first page of results. I found it by searching "waitbutwhy.com". Then it was in the first five or so results.