Very much enjoyed it! Quite a scrapping approach, but I feel that may be the only successful method at this stage. My comments, added to Scalzi's page, rendered in hubski:

"As condescending, incendiary and insistent as your open letter may be, sadly, none of it is redundant or inappropriate. As someone who intensely values the craft of writing, with its unique ability to present, in crystallized form, the best acrobatics and discoveries of human thought, I am continually depressed by how it seems to be almost entirely devalued by our culture (even though it demonstrates constantly the need for skillful writing by soliciting it, whether for nothing, or else for a pittance). I read all this as a side effect of the fact that we are indoctrinated to fear both knowledge and curiosity, as these render individuals resistant to both coercion and the coma of over-consumption. Anyway, thank you for landing a few spectacular punches for this colossally underappreciated and necessary skill."

posted by mk: 2234 days ago