You think things are batshit and then you inject a little Roger Stone.

    “I am so ready. Let’s get it on. Prepare to die cock sucker,” Stone emailed Credico on April 9 in response to Credico indicating he would publicly challenge Stone’s description of their 2016 contacts. Credico shared many of Stone’s emails with Mother Jones, and said he indeed interpreted Stone’s missives as threats aimed at deterring him from contradicting Stone’s claims.

    Stone has said he was not threatening Credico. He told Mother Jones in May that Credico had “told me he had terminal prostate cancer,” and that the April 9 email “was sent in response to that.” Credico says he does not have prostate cancer and did not tell Stone he did.

No no that's the semi-normal bit

    Kristin Davis, another Stone associate, testified before the grand jury Friday afternoon. Davis, who once ran a prostitution ring, has been referred to as the “Manhattan Madam.” She pleaded guilty in 2014 to drug distribution charges after she was caught in a sting buying ecstasy, Adderall, and Xanax pills from an FBI informant. Stone helped run Davis’ longshot 2010 New York gubernatorial bid, in which she ran on a platform of legalizing marijuana and prostitution. Davis, like Miller, has worked for Stone. Stone says he is the godfather of Davis’ two-year-old son.

Yeah. DSK? That's her. Client 9? Fuckin' of course Roger Stone would run her for governor.


He literally has Richard Nixon tattooed on his back. If that isn't the visual brand of a villain what is? I hope he rots

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