The reasonable argument at this point in history is to cast cis men as trans men and cis women as trans women if studios want to dip their toe in this issue without losing money by casting an unknown actor. Want to make a profitable Oscar bait project about a trans male pimp? Cast Christian Bale or someone like him. Cast a person who actually can display the secondary sexual characteristics that the role may require. If you're too afraid of your star not being a well-known cash cow to cast an unknown person who's is part of the community you wish to portray, at least don't offend the trans community by equivocating it with the drag community. It's a reasonable compromise. That won't make everyone happy because I've met some very bitter people in the T of LGBT, but it offers the greatest harm reduction.

It also depends on the role. Smoking hot passable trans lady? Probably find one. Kinda passable in early transition? I'm not sure Felicity Huffman in Transamaerica is universally controversial. Jill Soloway got away with people laughing at dolled up Jeffrey Tambor because she's known not to be ignorant of the issue and she now regrets the decision. People who greenlight studio films aren't generally people with their fingers on the pulse of this topic

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